Student Centered Learning Tools for Flipped, Hybrid, and Blended Classrooms

Learner Power for Students

In a Learner Power classroom students control the pace and direction of their own learning. Most learning occurs by interacting with learning modules, but the teacher is present in the room and provides personalized assistance and feedback. In today's connected workplace students will be learning for the rest of their lives. Learner Power teaches students how to learn in the digital age, providing them the self monitoring tools they will need to learn and grow after graduation. Learner Power is based on the idea that teaching students how to be responsible for their own learning is an essential skill that will help them succeed in the modern world.

Learner Power for Teachers

Teachable moments are usually face-to-face, and usually occur when a learner needs help overcoming a complex obstacle. Learner Power classrooms are designed to maximize the opportunity for these teachable moments.  Most learning happens when a student interacts with the learning modules. But the modules are designed so that students will need a teacher to intervene at key moments. In a Learner Power classroom the teacher becomes a coach, mentor, supervisor, and executive producer. Teachers have the time to coach individuals and groups at just the moment they are stuck, which creates the perfect conditions for the "aha" teaching experiences we all love.

Good Instructional Technology

Learner Power starts with self paced, student centered learning modules that cover the complete curriculum. Students chart their own course though the modules, allowing them to be in control of their own learning experience. A second piece of technology is the shared Project Manager that allows students to monitor their own progress, see their progress against that of other students, collect feedback on their work, and collaborate. The Project Manager also gamifies the classroom, allowing students to advance their "level" based on their progress through the course.

Learner Power is free for all teachers and students to use. Learn more  on the register page. For questions please contact Pasha Sovuvorin