Video 1 is a year long course in video production. It covers 100% of Georgia's AVTF I curriculum, as well as national video standards from SkillsUSA, NOCTE, and Certiport. The course is divided into two semesters, VID1a and VID1b. Each semester has 5 knowledge checks, 5 tests, and a final exam. There are over 900 tutorials, dozens of handouts, and all the rubrics you'll need. Thousands of students use Learner Power every day to learn video production. Please visit the Purchase page or contact Pasha Souvorin if you would like to license Learner Power for your school.

The Premiere EOPA Prep Simulation is intended to prepare students for the Adobe Certified Associate Test in Premiere Pro 2018 by Certiport. Students who spend several hours with this tutorial have a high success rate with the actual test.

This set of tutorials teaches Adobe Premiere Pro CC to beginners. All of these tutorials are also integrated throughout the VID1a and VID1b courses. But this website separates the Premiere Pro training tutorials for teachers who just want to teach Premiere.

Learner Power is free for all teachers and students to use. Learn more  on the register page. For questions please contact Pasha Sovuvorin