Tutorials for Using The Project Manager in Your Classroom

The Project Manager is a shared Google Sheet that helps students, parents, and the teacher monitor classroom progress. Students learn how to access and use this document in the tutorials for the class. The Project Manager was developed by Pasha Souvorin for use in his Learner Power classroom. It is free to share for anyone who wishes to adapt it for use in other classrooms. Click here to open a Project Manager template for your Learner Power Video Production classroom. It includes the following functions:

• individual sheet for each student to monitor his or her own progress

• main sheet that displays the individual progress of all students in real time

• daily goal setting and reflection

• percentage complete calculator

• collaboration and feedback collector


You can also customize the Project Manager for any classroom. Click here to access a series of tutorials that walk you through the process of creating and then customizing a project manager that you can use anywhere.

Learner Power is free for all teachers and students to use. Learn more  on the register page. For questions please contact Pasha Sovuvorin